Homestead Realty and Rentals is able to assist the Seller & the Buyer.

Homestead Realty has a full portfolio of realty services to make sure your purchase or sale is flawless.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment with an agent to find your new home.

For the Seller: We estimate the value of your property by making a market value estimate. Then we advise you regarding the price range that your property will sell at. Homestead Realty will also work as your guide to determine the best way of selling your property. This may be cash or cash equity, allowing your loan to be assumed or conventional loans, FHA, VA, SDHDA or Rural Development types of financing. Possibly even a contract for deed. We are experienced in short sales, and pre-foreclosure sales successfully helping our clients through this process.  Homestead Realty provides planned, effective advertising with Open Houses for additional exposure in the market. Our agent is your advisor during the selling process, explaining sales expenses, penalties, back taxes, assessments due, and any other questions or issues that may arise. Put your property up for sale and have a wonderful experience with Homestead Realty.

For the Buyer, Homestead Realty can offer buyer brokerage. Helping you through the mortgage acquisition process with a thorough knowledge of financing. No matter what type of financing you are acquiring.

Homestead Realty offers knowledgeable, and complete realty services while advising you on market conditions and price.